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Intopia Migrating to the Web!
Intopia, Inc. has an agreement in principal with a prominent international graduate management institution, to create a web based interface for all users of the program. This will make the most sophisticated and life-like business simulation program in the world available to students on the web. More news on this as the final terms of the collaboration are ironed out.
*New Email Address*
Based on the passing of Professor Thorelli (see "About Us"), policy considerations dictate that we cease utilizing the email address of Professor Thorelli at Indiana University. Hence, the creation of the email address Intopia@thorelli.com. Please utilize this new email address in all future correspondence. Regretfully, the University is not in a position to forward emails sent to the Indiana University address.


It is a pleasure to introduce the brand new version of our International Operations Simulation - INTOPIA B2B (Business to Business). We are ready to serve you, including an invitation to test the new version for two months at no expense! Operating on the Internet as well as in the classroom, "B2B" is fully compatible with Windows platforms 98, 2000, and XP.


We know that this is exciting news for the seasoned 100+ universities using our current INTOPIA "Classic" version. It should also be good news for our many potential customers. The website is now fully updated to reflect the release of Intopia B2B! We hope that you find it provides a general overview of what INTOPIA simulations are all about - pilot experience of managing and understanding multicultural firms in action. A better understanding of international business is a prerequisite in the era of globalization! 

To get a glimpse of what Intopia B2B has to offer, please download Formin, the student version of B2B. Additional information about Formin is available here. Begin your B2B experience today by clicking the download link below!

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