Intopia - Crucial Characteristics

  • Stream of alternate entrepreneurial opportunities throughout the run.
  • Includes all major functions and processes of a business.
  • Unlimited transaction freedom between companies as well as subsidiaries. Negotiation becomes a part of life. Cooperative advantage becomes as important as competitive.
  • Automated database for strategic "What Ifs"
  • INPUT/OUTPUT DIALOG screens for both company teams and Facilitator
  • Organization-neutral data flow
  • Hi-tech focus. Model complex, yet easily simplified
  • Modularity: grow or shrink focus on regions, functions (mktg., prod., fin.) or currencies
  • Flexibility: 800 parameters freely changeable by Facilitator
  • Wide variety of entry modes: agents, wholesaler, greenfield plant, total integration. In short, Supply (Value Added) Chain Management
  • Widely different operating environments, currencies, markets, production functions, economic development, "cultures," inflation, political stability, trade policy interface
  • As licensee - facilitator YOU ARE IN CHARGE, not a central administrator as in some other simulations. Adds a lot to student motivation and involvement!
  • Subjective realism, credibility: virtual reality
  • Strategic challenge: find a suitable balance between cooperation and competition
  • B2B actualizes public policy and WTO concerns and considerations
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