FORMIN is the input/output program of the International Operations Simulation (INTOPIA B2B), a pilot exercise in running a Multinational Corporation (MNC), or a domestic firm facing international competitors. Participants are divided into 3-6 person teams. The simulation is adapted to Internet operations, but naturally also for the classroom. If you are interested in global business, or just curious, we invite you to try out a set of decisions in your own MNC free of charge. The demo is free from any commitments, monetary or otherwise. A requirement is Microsoft EXCEL on your computer.

You should know the following: In our standard version, the operating areas are Brazil, European Union and NAFTA. Home Office for all Cos is in Liechtenstein, a principality next to Switzerland, and using Swiss Francs (SF). Currency values are assumed to be Real 2.5 per SF, 1 = SF3, and $1 = SF2. Product X is microchips; Product Y is Personal Computer (PC). PC production requires chip components.

The decisions (strategies) of individual INTOPIA companies are recorded in the FORMIN Program. Each company (including each team member) downloads the FORMIN program.

Formin Overview