Formin - Walkthrough

At the end of the installation FORMIN ("F") opening menu screen will appear. It will ask you for a company (Co) number. Specify Co 1.

You will then be asked for the Period (P) number. Again, specify 1. The F Master Screen appears automatically.

Now make the following steps:

1)Call up Decision Central.
2)Quickly make up your mind about key objectives and strategies. In this example we will assume you want to build PC's (Y) in EU, and export part of the EU PC output to Brazil. You want to do Research and Development (R&D) for PC patents.
  • Think regions, products and activities. Keep in mind that your starting currency is Swiss Francs (SF) 20 million in a Home Office (HO) bank/account. You will have nothing to sell in Q1 (factories are building).
  • This is just one of a virtually unlimited number of possible business profiles; the purpose here is illustration.
  • Please observe that F Help (accessible from Dec. Central) carries detailed notes on all individual decisions forms.
3)As you make decisions, they will be listed in the white listbox on Dec. Central.
4)Click EU Area Form 2 (Area2/F2).
5)On F2 click under Production of Y "Number of new plants":  2
(PC plant construction takes two Periods, so no output decisions)
6)Click "Save Form." Dec. will be recorded in Dec. Central.
7)You need to finance the plants. Click Area 2 Form F3 - Finance.
8)You decide to transfer SF 8 million from HO, so fill in 8000 in the upper left corner. (Form works in thousands)
You want to convert the SF to euros, so place a "Y" in "Conversion in Area".
9)Your Brazilian subsidiary will have to buy PC from EU. That will not happen until Period 3, so no decision has to be made now.

You cannot be everything to everybody, so you have at least two outsourcing decisions to make; now or in the near future:
  1. Each PC requires at least one chip - so you need a chips supplier. Chips are cheaper to make in US than EU, so you might consider an American chip supplier.
  2. You are uncertain about your marketing ability in Brazil, so you might consider using the services of a Brazilian wholesaler.
10)Go to Home Form H0. Thinking about your Brazilian connection you may well call your Co EUROBRAS, recording it in the form.
11)Click Home Form H1. You decide to spend SF 200000 on R&D for PC. You want to know about your probability of getting a PC patent, so you order MR 22.
12)You have now made all decisions for period 1. Click File/Exit in Dec. Central.
13)Yes, you wish to save all decisions.
14)You get a reminder of the types of decisions made. Click OK.
15)Back in F Master Screen, click "Create Dec. File."
16)Message that Dec. File has been created and where it is located (by default, "C:\Program Files\Formin\Mail\"). The dec files of all companies in a run will need to be forwarded to the Facilitator by email before deadline time set by him/her.
17)Output. For info, we include the Balance Sheet and Income statement of a typical Co. (Co. 1 in Quarter 4 of a run named GLOBALIA). Total output in a Q would be 7 pages, permitting detailed analysis.
Formin Overview