Sample Integrative Lecture Topics

Note that these topics are illustrative only. The specific topics integrated with a particular run naturally depends on the specific purpose of the run.
  1. Structure - Strategy - Performance (SSP) Model. Organization Ecology.
  2. Vision, Business Concept, Entrepreneurial Aspects.
  3. Strategic Signaling, Benchmarking, Data Sharing.
  4. Networking and Alliances, Joint Ventures.
  5. Entry Modes and Technology Transfer.
  6. Strategic Planning - Continuous.
  7. International Business Theory.
  8. Foreign Currency Management.
  9. Introductory Public Offering of Stock (IPO) - How to Prepare for It?
  10. Marketing Channels and Logistics in International Business.
  11. Operations Strategy, In- and Outsourcing.
  12. Coordination of the MNC. Intra-company Transfers and Taxes.
  13. Economic Value Added (EVA) vs. Discounted Cash Flow.
  14. Financial Implementations of Marketing Decisions.
  15. Cross-Culture Business. Standardization / Adaptation Strategies.
  16. Small Business Exporting.
  17. Open Markets, Economic Development, and Political Democracy.
  18. Ethics Issues in International Business. The Problem of Corruption.
  19. World Trade Organizations, ASEAN, EU, NAFTA, etc.
  20. Performance Evaluation and Management Audit.
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