Intopia - Highlighted Strategies

  • Where to finance, produce, market -- No great reason to assume these activities should be co-aligned with single nations (or even regions).
  • Strategic alliances -- And the new competition between cross-cultural networks and distribution systems. Counterdistribution. Relationship marketing.
  • Global sourcing. Kan-ban in international vs. domestic management of component supplies. Make-or-buy components/end products?
  • Intra-company transfers of goods -- Crucial means of MNC coordination. Pricing, especially, positively vital here.
  • The role of services payments in MNC coordination.
  • How to minimize currency exposure both for the long-haul and in current transactions. Hedging. Tax concerns.
  • Problems in evaluating and comparing performance in transnational subsidiaries.
  • An understanding of headquarters/subsidiary relations.
  • The viability of international joint ventures typically demands something more than a 51 percent ownership interest.
  • The role of international technology transfer as promoting both networking and potential competition.
  • Balancing a portfolio of regions vs. products (or perhaps even both)!
  • Financial implications of marketing decisions (and vice versa).
  • Interfunctional coordination marketing -- R&D -- production. Project and process management. Cross-functional teams.
  • Synchronizing generations of technology for components and final products in hi-tech firms and networks. Joint R&D, Patent Pooling.
  • Management in hyperinflation.
  • Costs and benefits of invading a competitor's home market.
  • Meeting international competition in your home market.
  • Local and corporate tax concerns. Dividend policy.
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